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Trout Stamp Prints available from Wolf River ChapterTrout Stamp Prints available from Wolf River Chapter - Thursday, April 18, 2013


Artist Jean Berens won this year’s Trout Stamp Contest. Prints are available for $125 (plus $5 shipping) and includes a stamp. All prints are signed and numbered. This is also the 2013 Trout Regulations cover. Commemorative stamps are also available for $10. All proceeds go to Wisconsin Trout Unlimited. Contact Tim Waters at MuddyWaters@new.rr.com with any questions and orders.


Friends Request - Monday, March 18, 2013

                          Wisconsin Trout Unlimited

Friends of Wisconsin
March, 2013
Dear Wisconsin TU Member:
The Friends of Wisconsin program is as strong as ever, and your support is going right back into YOUR streams. 2012 was another good year, with well over $14,000 in donations. The 2013 Grant requests have come in and projects across the state are in progress. The following are some of the projects that Friends money is going towards:
The Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter launched the “Bring Back the Natives” stream habitat restoration project on the Trimbelle River in Pierce County. The project will restore nearly 4,500 feet of stream habitat for Brook Trout and other aquatic species at the headwaters of the Trimbelle River as well as reducing sediment flow to the Mississippi River.
The Fox Valley and Shaw-Paca Chapters are providing funding for a two person trout habitat improvement crew to work in and out of the Wild Rose Habitat Station.  This crew will work on development and maintenance of area trout streams and past projects. This work will be in Waushara, Waupaca and Shawano Counties and benefits a host of streams.

The Clearwater Chapter will being doing a restoration project on the North Branch Elk Creek in Trempealeau County. The project will involve the removal of trees, installation of rocks, and the construction of weirs, deflector logs along with other techniques to improve the habitat of the stream.

 With your generous donation of $100.00 or more, your gift is a Fishpond Micro-Trash collector. It will hold used tippet, broken hooks, and other small trash we find along the riverbanks. It fits in a pocket, or can be attached to your vest. We sincerely thank Tight Lines Fly Shop in De Pere for helping us procure this gift. In addition, Friends contributors’ names will be published in four consecutive editions of Wisconsin Trout.
Please consider donating to the Friends of Wisconsin this year, so the habitat work on our precious trout streams can continue, and so you and future generations can enjoy those streams.
Thank you again for your donation!
Doug Brown
Fundraising Chair
You can send donations to:
Doug Brown
R4800 Timber Ln.
Ringle, WI 54471
Melissa Scanlan's updated info about public trust doctrine and more. - Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 This link will send you to a collection of Melissa's info on the public trust doctrine


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New Gill Lice reporting site active - Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This site is a joint effort between Wisconsin Trout Unlimited and the Wisconsin DNR. To learn more about gill lice and to use the survey to report gill lice click the link below.

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TU Chapters fund Habitat Crew - Monday, March 26, 2012


Central Wisconsin Trout Habitat Crew 2012
The following chapters of Trout Unlimited funded a 3 person trout habitat crew under the direction of Shawn Sullivan, Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Operation Supervisor out of the Wild Rose field office. The contributing chapters were Shaw-Pac, Fox Valley, Central, and Southeastern chapters, with a matching $4000 grant from the Wisconsin TU Friends program. This 3 person trout habitat crew will work on development and maintenance of area trout streams and past projects.  These positions would also be responsible to work on Saturday TU work days. Due to DNR budget constraints/personnel shortages, this work would not be completed this year without these positions. The Trout Unlimited chapters will fund( 2) of the  habitat crew positions and trout stamp monies will fund the third position. The crew will be hard at work improving trout habitat for 10 weeks this summer in Shawano and Waupaca Counties.
In Shawano County the crew will be working on accomplishing 1,700 ft of habitat on Wilson Creek, The Wilson Creek project will be the largest in the sense that it will require heavy equipment in order to accomplish major restoration work to this critically important cold-water tributary of the Middle Branch Embarrass River .Experienced technicians will be responsible for the development of this project and the crew will be under their direction doing maintenance. Also on the slate of trout stream candidates is 2000 ft on the S. Branch Embarrass River, and maintenance on bank covers on the N. Branch Embarrass near Bowler.  
In Waupaca County the Peterson Creek project will receive 1000ft of improvements that include 3-4 bank covers, mid- channel boulders and brush bundles. Maintenance on the Waupaca River Project upstream of County Q. Leer Creek or the S.B. of the Little Wolf will get 3-4 bank covers installed as part of this busy summer schedule. Maintenance and/or brush work will take place on the Spaulding, Whitcomb, Murray and Radley Creeks.
News from the Wolf River Chapter - Monday, March 5, 2012


“Artist Virg Beck won this year’s Trout Stamp contest. Prints are available from the Wolf River Chapter for $125 (plus shipping) and includes the stamp. All prints are signed and numbered. This print is the 2012 Trout Regulations cover. Contact Tim Waters at MuddyWaters@new.rr.com with questions and orders.”


Wisconsin TUer Honored - Bob Hunt - Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long time Trout Unlimited member and supporter Robert Hunt will be inducted into the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame. The Induction Ceremon;y will take place on April 21 at 10 am in the Theater@1800 (the Sentry Insurance Building theater) in Stevens Point, WI. Doors will open at 9:00 am. A Luncheon will follow the ceremony. To make a reservations call 715-346-4992.

Dale Druckrey Memorial Float - Monday, October 10, 2011

  On October 1 members of Trout Unlimited, River Alliance of Wisconsin and Friends floated one of Dales favorite sections of the Oconto River ending at Pulcifer Park. After the float Dale Stories and tributes were exchanged and a Bench was dedicated to Dales memory. 

 "Wisconsin Trout" Newspaper
January 2-14 issue - Monday, February 10, 2014


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October 2013 issue - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wisconsin hosts TU National meeting

Conservation tour showcases habitat projects

Some thoughts on wild trout living in wild places (Chair Koltz’ column)

Thank-you volunteers: you made the TU National meeting possible

Chapter president profile: SEWTU’s Jim Wierzba: a trout fisher for as long as he can remember

TU National honors area volunteers, chapters

Scenes from TU National’s annual conference

CWTU members tie flies at musky event

Chapter News

CWTU members tie flies at musky event

Virus found in Wisconsin trout released into the wild

Paul Julius: a bamboo fly rod maker at an early age

Over $8,000 raised for trout access grants

Fish kill reported on the Bibon section of White R.

WITU Looking Back

Try the “other” caddis...with deer hair

Tying tips for those who don’t tie flies...or not yet

2013 Friends campaign having banner year


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July 2013 issue - Saturday, July 13, 2013

TU, Girl Scouts team up to develop ‘stream girls’

WI trout leaders Bob Hunt and Dan Flaherty pass

     Remembrances of Bob Hunt

Plans continue for hosting TU National meeting

The importance of first fish (Chair Henry Koltz’ column)

Chapter president profile: Steve Wald leading SWTU’s ‘friendship factory’

Viroqua hosts June State Council meeting

     Council makes it official: no public access, no TU work

Fly fishing instructor class set for July 13 in Fitchburg

Legal doctrine meets water management reality part 4: Political favoritism is tipping the scales in favor of private riparians over the public interest

     Scanlan’s recommendations: our way forward


Blackhawk and Lee Wulff chapters tackle Hornby Creek

First books by familiar WITU names worth reading

Craftsman corner: Wood fly box business starts from contractor’s downtime

Nearly $8,000 raised for trout access grants

Bob’s Panfish Emu Bugger is a winner at kids’ tying programs

TU teaches hundreds at 2013 WI Outdoor Expo

2013 Friends campaign off to fantastic start


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April 2013 issue - Saturday, March 30, 2013

Membership committee shares ideas and goals

As mining bill passes, court challenges loom (Sen. Robert Jauch)

Your help needed at WI Outdoor Education Expo May 16–17

We are ONE TU (Chair Henry Koltz’s column)

Council honors given at annual meeting

     Kim McCarthy — Award of Merit

     Scott Grady — Joan and Lee Wulff Conservation Leadership Award

     Dale Lange — Gold Trout Award

     Southern Wisconsin Chapter — Silver Trout Award for Chapter Merit

     Rich Vetrano — Gold Net Award

     Kent Johnson — Jeffrey Carlson Volunteer Award

     Cliff Sebero — Resource Professional Award

     Hayward Fly Fishing Co. (Larry Mann and Wendy Williamson) — Business Sponsor Award

     State Senators Bob Jauch and Dale Schultz — Certificates of Appreciation

     Tom Gawle — Certificate of Appreciation

     Brent Bergstrom — Resource Professional Award

WITU Looking Back

Legal doctrine meets water management reality: Enforcement and deterrence are a problem in a state with weak enforcement of water laws (Pt. 3 of 4)

     The core principles of Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctrine (Pt. 3 of 3)


Nearly $8,000 raised for trout access grants

Carrie Frost elected to Fly Fishing Hall of Fame

     Maker of flies: Carrie Frost pioneered fishing fly manufacturing at turn of the century

DNR joins cooperative effort to restore the Little Plover River

“Profound River” breathes life Into Dame Juliana (book review)

Trout angling on Timber Coulee Creek: WDNR compares creel surveys from 1984 and 2008

UV-set polymer gives the classic hare’s ear a new look

Give UV-set glues a try

2013 Friends campaign is off and running


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January 2013 issue - Thursday, January 3, 2013

Planning underway for first-ever Midwest Trout Unlimited meeting
State Council banquet to celebrate “unsung heroes”
Trout anglers asked to help DNR with Driftless Area plan
Some final thoughts on my term as chair (Kim McCarthy’s column)
2013 TU National Annual Meeting Notes
2012 trout stamp prints still available from WITU
Legal doctrine meets water management reality: Systemic changes are undermining DNR’s ability to function effectively as a trustee of state waters (Pt 2 of 4)
    The core principles of Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctrine (Pt 2 of 3)
Chapter News
Driftless Symposium set for March 26-7 in La Crosse
Wisconsin TU 2011-13 Membership Totals
Campaign nearing $5,000 in contributions
Many partners join to reroute and restore section of Black Earth Creek
     Southern WI Chapter focuses on brushing BEC tributaries Garfoot and Vermont creeks
The Pink Squirrel is my all-around favorite fly
Don’t forget to fine tune where and how you tie
Bob’s easy eyed scud can be fished throughout the season
Friends contributions top $13,000

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October 2012 issue - Friday, October 5, 2012

TU National names WITU top U.S. council
     Kiap-TU-Wish and Bill Heart also honored
TU helping WDNR track gill lice in brook trout
Council of the year award is thanks to you (Chair Kim McCarthy’s column)
State Council meets in Viroqua Sept. 29
2012 trout stamp prints still available from WITU
The life cycle of brook trout gill lice
Cows and trout streams get along with rotational grazing
TU National’s comments on Wisconsin’s award winners
Legal doctrine meets water management reality (Pt. 1 of 4)
     The core principles of Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctrine (Pt. 1 of 3)
WITU Looking Back
Nominations sought for 2013 Council awards
     Wisconsin TU State Council award criteria and past winners
Contributions $2,000 above last year’s total
Volunteers answer the call at 2012 Outdoor Ed Expo
Kiap-TU-Wish’s Trimbelle R. Hwy. 10 park project brings sound back to a slow river
     What you’ll find when you fish the Trimbelle
Driftless Area DVD set and Dave Carlson book hit bookstores
Authors Jim Humphrey and Tom Waters pass
Some new tying materials you should know about
Bob’s high-floating foam Trico
Friends contributions top $12,000

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July 2012 issue - Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trustees meet in Spring Green: TU National meeting coming to Wisconsin in September 2013
Bob Hunt inducted into WI Conservation Hall of Fame
Even great Canada fishing didn’t stop me thinking of WI trout (Chair Kim McCarthy’s column)
Wisconsin TU honored at League of Conservation Voters event
     WLCV remarks on Trout Unlimited
Leopold shack tour planned for July 11
WITU Looking Back
Wisconsin TU revives the trout stamp and print
WDNR Beaver Dam Report Contacts
Donations exceed levels set in 2011
Blackhawk Chapter tutors Project Green Teen
Get more fish per fly with these fly durability tips
Bob’s Foam Hopper rides high even carrying a nymph dropper
2012 Friends off to a great start

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April 2012 issue - Friday, March 30, 2012

Dombeck thanks TU at annual meeting for conservation efforts

Senate holdout Schultz stops iron mining law changes

Do legislators really think environmental abuse is unavoidable? (Chair Kim McCarthy’s column)

Find a way to attend council meetings (letter)

Environmental sensitivity badly needed in wetland and other policy matters (letter)

IT’S BACK! Wisconsin TU steps up to revive the trout stamp and print

Spring Hearing update: Questions don’t mention trout but could influence trout regs

Council honors 10 leaders at annual meeting

    Resource Award of Merit — Dan Wisniewski

    Lee & Joan Wulff Conservation Leadership Award — Paul Kruse

    Gold Net Award — John Gremmer

    Gold Trout Award for Service — Henry Koltz

    Silver Trout Award for Chapter Merit — Aldo Leopold Chapter

    Corporate Sponsor — Fontana Sports

    Resource Professional — Shawn Sullivan

    Certificate of Appreciation — Save Copper Creek/Bob Van Hoesen

    Certificate of Appreciation — Al Niebur

    Certificate of Appreciation — Bob Micheel

    Most Unsung Valuable Trouter — Eric Rauch

Bob Hunt set to enter the WI Conservation Hall of Fame

2012 access fund campaign underway


Blackhawk Chapter makes impression on young fly tyer

TU’s habitat work featured in Outdoor Wisconsin story

Coulee TU holding pig roast and fly fishing film event

Field & Stream names SWTU’s Murray “conservation hero”

Wisconsin Outdoor Expo help needed May 17-18

WITU Looking Back

Former WDNR trout program director Stan Kmiotek passes

WI stream access laws summarized in wallet card

2012 WI Natural Resources Board (list)

Coon Creek Trout Fest needs TU volunteer help

April 14 Vetrano family benefit coincides with project workshop

TU funding makes 2012 trout work crew possible

Bob’s Flashabou Nymph is pure attraction that catches trout

Help for getting beads onto a hook instead of the floor

Friends 2012 campaign underway

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January 2012 issue - Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some trout streams damaged: Frack sand mining ignites western WI

Mining bills threaten coldwater resources

New iron mining bill needs to be revised (Chair Kim McCarthy's column)

Chapter project planning workshop April 14-15

Karst symposium set for March 26-28 in La Crosse

TUDARE tours new stream projects across Minn. & Wis.

TU adopts policy banning the stocking of non-native trout

Citizen petition asks DNR to adopt silica sand rules

Long-running Waupaca R. project nearly done

2012 access fund campaign underway

Environmentalists lament erosion of broad support for protection: Wisconsin wetlands seen as threat to jobs

More information about wetlands


After fire, fly fishers and friends come through for Trapper

Three impaired waterways "graduating" to trout streams

Feedback sought on Lake Michigan salmon stocking

Online survey gathering input on managing beavers

DNR survey trying to learn why people quit trout fishing

WITU Looking Back

$40,650 in habitat work funded by NE chapters

Bob's CDC and foam black caddis effective and easy to tie

The more you tie, the more materials you'll substititue

Friends grants totaled $37,000 since 2010

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October 2011 issue - Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duke Welter and Don Pluemer honored by TU National in Bend, OR

State Council takes stand on proposed mining law revisions

Fish Habitat board meets in WI and tours Driftless Area sites

What’s going on here? (Chair Kim McCarthy’s column)

Fall State Council meeting highlights: Council gets updates on mining, trout regs

Bad River Tribe opposes iron mine and issues mining principles

Coon Creek Trout Festival a success

Pending grant request could open 99 acres

Aldo Leopold TU enlists many partners to make Bear Creek project a reality


CWTU presents a memorable Boy Scout jamboree program

Wild Rivers works with WDNR on Little Sioux River restoration

2008-2010 trout stamp project report published

    Miscellaneous facts and statistics on the inland trout stamp program

TU helping DNR select cover art for trout reg booklet

Brookie caught twice in 24 hours

WITU Looking Back

Wisconsin Trout book review: Spinner Magic! has good advice from a spinning expert

    Spinner preferences from TU experts

Why I don’t whack a northern

Bob’s Hex uses a curved needle to form its extended deer hair body

Many head cement options out there for today’s tyers

Friends grants have totaled $37,000 since 2010

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July 2011 issue - Monday, June 27, 2011

Copper Cr. high-cap well creating controversy

Coulee Region TU helping plan new Coon Creek Trout Festival

Trout fishing is great, and so are the threats (Chair Kim McCarthy’s column)

2011 WDNR fisheries biologists (table)

Chapter president profile: Mike Kuhr plans to keep the momentum going at SEWTU

Project Healing Waters Milwaukee: fun and healing for our country’s veterans

Council increases grant limits to make more impact

Penokee Hills Education Project formed:

Wild Rivers TU members tour some Penokee trout streams


Lakeshore TU begins new habitat projects on the Onion River

WITU Looking Back

Make your own fly sinkant and mud at home

Johnson, Rasmussen fill WDNR water posts

Habitat crew resumes work on NE WI trout streams

Lakewood fish hatchery closes due to budget cutbacks

Outdoor Education Expo provides this volunteer with a chance to teach kids...and learn from them

Bob’s fast-water blue winged olive

Bob’s Tying Tips

Our 2011 Friends campaign is off to a strong start

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April 2011 Issue - Thursday, March 31, 2011

State budget’s changes to the Stewardship Fund may hurt TU habitat work

UW-SP study finds trout populations are up statewide

WDNR meetings getting input on trout fishery and regs

    DNR on-line survey open through April

Of blue skies, green grass, and the rule of only so many spinning reels (editorial)

Some thoughts on TU’s impact across Wisconsin (Chair McCarthy’s column)

Land trusts hear TU leaders on partnership opportunities

Volunteers needed for May’s Wisconsin Outdoor Expo event in Beaver Dam

Trout stamp exhibit looking for old prints

Driftless Area science event presents latest findings

Kiap founder Roger Fairbanks dies

Council honors 10 at State Council Banquet

    Resource Award of Merit — John “Duke” Welter

    Joan & Lee Wulff Conservation Award — Topf Wells

    Silver Trout Award — Central WI Chapter

    Gold Trout Award — Bob Haase

    Gold Net Award — Rick Kyte

    Corporate Sponsor of the Year — Tight Lines Fly Fishing Co.

    Resource Professional Award — George Boronow

    Resource Professional Award — Henry Quinlan

    Special Appreciation Award — Alistair Stewart

    Special Appreciation Award — Fairmount Minerals Co.

No major trout-related items at ‘11 Spring Hearings

Trout Resource Management Guiding Principles


WITU Looking Back

Chapter president profiles: Two energetic gals take the reins of chapters

    Linda Lehman is WI River Valley’s new face for the future

    Northwoods TU’s Hannah Hansen got hooked on TU at the age of 14

Snowshoeing with Dale (a remembrance)

WLCV names new conservation lobby fund after Dale Druckrey

Free films showing in Mineral Point

2011 WI Stream Access Wallet Card

Bob’s Viagra Caddis Emerger: no doctor needed after four hours

Fly contest winners announced

More tips for tying flies when you’re ‘on location’

The initiation of a trout fisherman

Friends grants totaled over $36,000 in 2010

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January 2011 Issue - Thursday, January 6, 2011

Freshwater Hall of Fame inducts Robert B. Heding

Larry Claggett retires at DNR

TUDARE plans next steps after successful initial years

TU is giving kids the lifetime gift of fishing (Chair Kim McCarthy's column)

Conservation leaders Dale Druckrey and Tom Helgeson pass

New TUDARE events and work

Wisconsin TU Award Criteria

A Wisconsin Trout book excerpt: "An Entirely Synthetic Fish" recounts how rainbow trout became hatchery stars

Wisconsin's changing climate: Water resources are a reflection of the state's changing climate

New TU books help chapters buy land or get easements

Ownership or conservation easement? Points to consider

WITU Looking Back


Coulee TU and local groups starting Coon Creek Trout Fest

Fly fishing instructor course offered at annual meeting

The costs of acquiring land and conservation easements

Thanks to our Watershed Access Fund contributors!

Kids' fly pattern contest announced by sponsors

A Wisconsin Trout book review: Craven's "Basic Fly Tying" a hit in a crowded field

Minnesota-Iowa "Improved Trout Waters" book sales to help Friends

Tips for tying on location

Bud's #1 Ant a high floater

Thanks again to all of this year's Friends contributors

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October 2010 issue - Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vetrano and Hewitt thanked for service
Welter accepts consultant post with TUDARE program
Kiap-TU-Wish newsletter named best in the country
A western fishing trip reminds me of Wisconsin (Chair Kim McCarthy's column)
State Council reviews factors guiding reg update
Some ideas for changing NE Wisconsin trout regulations (Member analysis)
Liked seeing first WITU sign-up sheet (letter)
First annual women's fly fishing event spends weekend teaching new skills
North Br. Beaver Creek gets a fish-friendly culvert
Seely CAFO story wins award
All boats must operate at slow-no-wake within 100' of shore
Chapter Reports
WITU chapter membership totals (table)
WITU Looking Back
Sometimes overcompensating is the best help for tying woes
Foam cylinders make for a "super floating" caddis
Flurry of new Friends projects funded with increased grants

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July 2010 Issue - Saturday, July 3, 2010

WITU celebrates 40th anniversary in Waupaca
Author John Gierach visits Wild Rivers area
A regulation awakening (Chair Kim McCarthy's column)
DNR buys White R. property with Wild Rivers TU help
SEWTU support helps bring an end to Menomonee R. barrier
Nearly 3,000 kids attend annual Outdoor Expo in Beaver Dam
Dane County easements help trout fishers
     A Q&A with Dane County Land Acquisition Specialist Sara Kwitek
     A Dane County easement update
Friends transition and 2010 campaign off to a good start
Chapter president profile: Frank Kosmach new Southern WI president
Rosendale CAFO pollution permit hearing Sept. 21 in Fond du Lac
Smith rejoins Legislative Committee
Embrace-A-Stream grants going digital
WITU Looking Back
Casting for common ground: The Project Green Teen program at Madison's Malcolm Shabazz High School
A short course in dubbing
Trout tip: High water fly fishing
Friends transition and 2010 campaign off to a good start

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April 2010 issue - Thursday, April 1, 2010

Groundwater protection bill offered in Assembly
Wolf, Waupaca reg changes on the Spring Hearing ballot
Help needed for Wisconsin Outdoor Expo May 13-14
SEWTU, Borger get EAS grants
Some thoughts on the issues facing WITU (Chair Kim McCarthy's first column)
Can we do more to protect coasters? (letter)
Even more chemical threats to groundwater (letter)
Objects to Glennon privatization concept (letter)
TU leaders Steve Hill and Ryan Hagen pass
Council honors 11 at annual awards event
     Resource Award of Merit - Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters
     Gold Trout Award - Bill Heart
     Silver Trout Chapter for Chapter Merit - Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter
     Lee and Joan Wulff Conservation Leadership Award - Chuck Beeler
     Gold Net Award - Steve Hill
     Jeffrey Carlson Volunteer Award - Jim Waters
     Most Unsung Valuable Trouter - Randy Arnold
     Special DNR Personnel Award - Rob Herman
     Certificate of Appreciation - Paul Smith
     Certificate of Appreciation - Paul Krahn
     Certificate of Appreciation - Greg Wahl
WITU Looking Back
Who's watching the farm? Tracking a rising tide of waste in Wisconsin (WSJ reprint)
    At a glance: WI siting law standards
    Key findings in this manure series
    'Stepped enforcement' means it takes years to resolve problems
Trout fishing tournaments need DNR applications
Public hearings on livestock permit changes scheduled
Lake Michigan steelhead fin clip identification table
Trout-related highlights from 2010 fishing report
Thanks to our Watershed Access Fund contributors!
DeLorme icon update available for "Improved Trout Waters"
Gart's foam bluegill fly a floater kids love to tie
Bob's Tying Tips
Try the three-point grip to prevent open loops
New Friends campaign features furled leader premium

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January 2010 issue - Monday, January 4, 2010

We need a stronger groundwater law (Rep. Spencer Black)
Next steps in groundwater pumping management
DNR reduces walk-in hours at all 30 service centers
Ideas for improving our groundwater protection laws (Duke Welter editorial)
Some final thoughts as your State Council Chair (Chair Bill Heart's final column)
Tom Helgeson headlines WITU's annual banquet
Scott Grady bamboo rod to help new Watershed Access Fund
BOW to present women's program at annual meeting
TU helping sponsor 2010 Conservation Lobby Day
Last call for nominations
     Wisconsin TU State Council Awards Criteria
New shoreland development rules will help recharge groundwater
     Key development provisions in revised shoreland protection rule
Video cameras available for chapters to use
TU legal victory halts water grab
Groundwater key for trout as our climate warms
Report lists ag chemicals present in WI groundwater
     About the chemicals cited in this report
Wisconsin Trout book excerpt: Glennon book argues for a market-based system of allocating the nation's water
No consensus from Groundwater Coordinating Council for an overall WI regulatory framework
     GCC lists groundwater protection priorities
     WI Groundwater Coordinating Committee Members (list)
Chapter News
Field & Stream names SEWTU a "hero of conservation"
WITU Looking Back
Northeast Region sees big rise in habitat work
Study says hatchery fish could hurt wild trout survival
State adding to White R. Fishery Area by Wautoma
Kiap-TU-Wish working to boost access on Pine Cr.: First funding request approved by new land fund
Trout tip: Five major choices affect your fly fishing success
Bob's Tying Tips
Thanks, Friends, for your continuing generosity

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October 2009 issue - Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TU names SEWTU the nation's top chapter
Council meeting recap: New Watershed Access Fund to get 2010 banquet proceeds
WITU reps discuss issues with DNR Sec. Matt Frank
Observations from the road on my western trip (Chair Bill Heart's column)
NLC meeting free of recent access concerns
Chapter president profile: SEWTU ties on a new leader in Henry Koltz
WI Trout Unlimited Watershed Access Fund Funding and Withdrawal Procedures
Will Doyle sign? Independent DNR bill passes State Assembly
WI adopts new invasives rule
Border Brule R. gets a boost with whole trees
Chapter News
I'll keep fishing barbless despite the "no difference" mortality studies
Fall shore fishing opportunities highlighted at new DNR web site
Bob's Tying Tips
Trout tip: A better way to rig your net
Empty film canisters wanted for TU's youth fly tying programs
Thank-you, Friends, for a successful 2009 campaign

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July 2009 issue - Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WITU starts new land access fund
WI Outdoor Expo to add a second Wausau site in 2010
DNR Board eliminates early season barbless-only rule
     Barbless hook question results
Of CAFOs, municipal waste, and an offer to Alliant Energy (editorial)
Watch out — Moffett System illegal in WI (letter)
WITU looking for new Legislative Committee chair
Thanks to all of us on TU’s 50th birthday (Chair Bill Heart's column)
Bruch named fish manager of the year by Conservation Congress
State Council holds spring meeting in Eau Claire
     Regional Vice Chair reports
TUDARE Driftless Area habitat guide available
TU habitat workshops planned
Council holds special executive committee meeting
Crystal Creek:  the story of how a trout stream came to life and then slowly died
White River property to be purchased by BRC
Parties agree to major changes to Wisconsin’s shoreland zoning rules
     Key provisions of the rule changes
USFWS rejects coaster brook trout endangered status
SWTU’s work on Gordon Creek to continue long after last summer’s digging is done
     Gordon Cr. project includes habitat for turtles, snakes
Shaw-Paca and Wisconsin River Valley teach “Fly Fishing 101” class for Rosholt high school students
Advice on carrying rods and coiled indicators
Still time to become a 2009 member of the Friends program

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April 2009 issue - Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NE region habitat crew gets WDNR approval
WITU stalwart Larry Meicher dies of cancer
Trout now passing through Getchell Creek culvert
Gov. Doyle: appoint a panel to review Rosendale CAFO (editorial)
Grass roots democracy worked to stop Vernon County coal ash dump proposal (letter)
Friend and angler Dennis Graupe will be missed on Timber Coulee streams (letter)
Budget, DNR Secretary, and CAFO permits draw TU attention
Let's involve more kids and women in TU (Chair Bill Heart's column)
Vernon County hopes to prevent another major fish kill
Culvert design workshop set
Wisconsin Trout reprint: CAFO fight comes to Westby in Vernon County
TU wins stream access battles in western states
Council honors 11 at annual ceremony
     Larry Meicher - Lifetime Achievement Award
     Clint Byrnes - Award of Merit
     Jim Hlaban - Lee and Joan Wulff Conservation Leadership Award
     Todd Hanson - Gold Trout Award
     Southern Wisconsin Chapter - Silver Trout Award
     Bob Gennrich - Most Unsung Valuable Trouter Award
     Tim Meyer - Gold Net Award
     Kathleen Falk - Certificate of Appreciation
     Tim Larson - Special Appreciation DNR Personnel Award
     David Brum - Special Appreciation DNR Personnel Award
     Ken Anderson - Certificate of Appreciation
Conservation Congress asks for input on barbless hooks
WITU members continue CAFO discussion on council's web site
Spring council meeting May 9
Big farms or small, TU members continue to ask...what to do with all that manure?
     It's not about size...it's all about the manure! (John Gremmer)
     "Factory farms" or "family farms"? Should we care? (Bill Pielsticker)
     Are CAFOs worth the risks they pose to Wisconsin water? (Tom Hermann)
     Can water monitoring have a role in judging CAFOs? (Kent Johnson)
Chapter News
Wolf River Chapter trapping beaver on Ninemile Cr.
How can we get more youth and women involved in fishing?
Volunteers needed again at Wisconsin Outdoor Expo
TU National launches new web site and magazine for kids
WITU Looking Back
Helpful book lists state's improved trout waters
Marking pens will doctor flies on-stream to match the hatch
Marty's JP Taper uses striped jungle cock feathers
2009 Friends campaign off and running to help WI trout

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January 2009 issue - Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sen. Feingold urged to back Snake R. salmon plan
TUDARE 2008 annual report recaps the year's highlights
Former State Council Chair Tom Sopkovich passes
Some thoughts on global warming (Chair Bill Heart's column)
Council banquet has many special events:
      Photography session
      Fly casting certification training
      Invasive species session
      Dave Carlson video
Annual Conservation Lobby Day February 25
Remembering Martin Hanson
Northeast Region to fund new joint TU/DNR brushing crew in 2009-10
Chapter president profile: Michael Mather ending run at helm of Hornberg Chapter
Featured WITU banquet item: Famous tyers' flies going up for bid
What killed the trout? (New-Sickle-Arrow reprint on Black Earth Creek)
Dairyland Power abandons plans for Vernon County fly ash dump
SEWTU's Camp Creek grant touted in winery ad
WI Clear Waters working with many partners on some favorite home waters
DOT equipment fee increases impacting trout stamp projects
WITU State Council has new web site
Budget woes may dominate state legislative session
TU in the news: Stream monitoring efforts noted in WI Outdoor News
WITU Looking Back
Mysteries have something fishy for readers
Versatile parachutes can be modified on-stream
Wild Turkey Peacock wet fly
Friends grants helping many a worthy habitat project

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October 2008 issue - Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TU conservation awards go to Vetrano, Carlson
State Council holds fall meeting in Antigo
Fish and inspiration at TU meeting (Chair Heart's column)
Tips for helping DNR with habitat improvement (letter)
Chapter gets out the vote! SEWTU wins $50,000 Redwood Creek Wines grant for Camp Cr.
Nohr Chapter gets Orvis donation for Bronson Creek
WITU following Little Plover, power plants, and elections
WITU Looking Back
SEWTU helps Eagle Scout with Nichols Creek project
Kiap-TU-Wish working with mining company on Pine Creek restoration
Getting squirrelly: Two flies that will make you nuts for fox squirrels!
     Golden Squirrel a small, deadly streamer
     Fox Squirrel Scud a big, bright morsel trout really go for
Check out the latest habitat work made possible by Friends

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July 2008 issue - Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WITU joins Ikes in Lake Superior VHS virus suit
Dane County launches pilot land conservation program
Study tallies the economic impact of trout angling in Driftless Area
TU elitist fly fishers? Not what I see. (Chair Bill Heart's column)
NRCS Chief Lancaster fishes the West Fk. of the Kickapoo
Chapter president profile: John Meachen new 'kid' at helm of WI River Valley
Congress overrides Bush veto to pass Farm Bill
Key provisions of the new Farm Bill
Wisconsin Trout book excerpt: Taras Grescoe's Bottomfeeder chronicles the unhealthy side of farm-raised fish and seafood
Youth training will sustain the future of fishing
Great Lakes Compact gets legislative OK
2008 WDNR Fish Managers (table)
WITU teaches fishing skills at Outdoor Expo
WFSC damaged again in June rains
WITU Looking Back
PIT tags helping track fish movements: Where have all the coaster brook trout gone?
Wild Rivers Chapter helping coaster efforts
Tree Rat Biot Nymph an easy tie
Canoe sells on eBay to benefit Friends

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April 2008 issue - Tuesday, April 1, 2008

TU chapters receive subpoenas in easement lawsuit
WHIP funds given to four big improvement projects
Prairie R. Spring Hearing question deserves support (Chair Heart's analysis)
Of the BWCAW, Bill Rom, thugs, South Pacific, and the Prairie regs (Editorial)
Questions economic valuing of trout streams
Legislative wrap: Key policy issues fail to pass as state budget cuts loom
State Council to meet in Waupaca April 26
Back from Patagonia and into lawsuit (Chair Heart's column)
Getchell Cr. saga: once in, culverts hard to fix
2008 Spring Hearing Locations
Prairie R. talking points
Council bestows honors at State Council meeting
     Herb Hintze - Lee and Joan Wulff Conservation Award
     John Welter - Jeff Carlson Leadership Award
     Dan Wisniewski - Gold Trout Award
     Southeastern WI Chapter - Silver Trout Award
     Dave Patrick - Gold Net Award
     Sarah Sanford - Unsung Most Valuable Trouter Award
     John Sours - DNR Professional of the Year
     Jeff and Jenna Phillips family - Certificate of Appreciation
Lake Superior Pathfinders program: TU supporting tomorrow's conservation leaders
Chapter news
Volunteers needed for WI Outdoor Education Expo
Council endorses Herb Buettner for Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame
WITU Looking Back
Chapter president profile: Scott Henricks guides work of TU's Antigo Chapter
WI stream access laws summarized in wallet card
Your bench should have the Sunken Beetle ready to bat
Charles Meck's Fishing Tandem Flies has new ideas on old fishing method
Tool time: Build your own hook holders
Friends canoe goes up for bid on eBay April 15

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January 2008 issue - Tuesday, January 1, 2008

TU helps increase farm runoff funding
CWTU given monitoring award
Ojibleau Chapter is now Wisconsin Clear Waters Chapter
TU National's Moore leading workshop on CEI at banquet
Chapter re-chartering? WITU rocks! (Chair Heart's column)
WDNR lacked leadership on Prairie R. regs (letter)
WITU NE Region funds projects and charts future direction
Longtime Fox Valley Chapter leader Tony Treml passes
TU Driftless Area survey underway
Learn to be a fly fishing instructor at Feb. 2 State Council banquet
Conservation Lobby Day set for Jan. 30
What counts as "wild"? Oregon study casts doubts on hatchery fish efforts
Hatcheries limited in producing so-called "wild" trout
Coaster brook trout research underway in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
CWTU weaves monitoring into area trout projects
Wild Rivers submits petition on Lake Superior water level
Independent WDNR secretary bills under consideration
TU National grassroots financial report shows gains over 2006
Caddis closely related to the target pest: Genetically engineered corn harms caddis flies
Catch and quit: Three good reasons to go beyond catch and release
Le Shack fondly remembers friends, fishing in central WI
WITU Looking Back
Change in plans for bigger brookie float trip
The EP Sparkle Hornberg is a favorite streamer pattern
Canoe going up on eBay

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October 2007 issue - Saturday, September 1, 2007

SW Wisconsin trout streams hit by flood
Welter, Pielsticker recognized at TU National meeting
Matt Frank to speak at WITU banquet
Time to take politics out of DNR Secretary post (editorial)
Ongoing state budget talks deciding fate of TU priorities
Appreciates trout stamp anniversary story (letter)
Having trouble getting the actual trout 'stamp' (letter)
Flooding a chance to revisit Seas Branch dam (letter)
Checking Arctic grayling off my list (Chair Bill Heart's column)
Truce reached on access issue at TU annual meeting
WDNR Secretary Frank speaks to State Council
Wisconsin's silent springs: Survey documenting how water demand is reducing spring levels
Is there good news ahead for the Little Plover River?
Wisconsin's Groundwater Advisory Committee (membership list)
Annual pumping reports now required for high-capacity wells
TU National taps Kiap-TU-Wish brochure as 'tackle box' model
Celebrating Christmas all summer long
WITU Looking Back
Chapter president profile: Paul Kruse is a Green Bay TU spark plug
Introducing the incredible foam Gribbeetle
Hiawatha TU wins Silver Trout Award for Driftless Area work; TCTU also active in WI
1986-2006 Lake Michigan trout and salmon harvest by species and method (table)
Friends get canoe to raffle off

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July 2007 issue - Sunday, July 1, 2007

How will VHS virus affect inland trout?
Wl trout stamp turns 30
TU helps at Wl Outdoor Expo
Thoughts on my way to the Arctic (Chair Heart's column)
Habitat and biofuels top TU's concerns on the Farm Bill
WITU offers support for bill to restore independent WDNR
TU working on access issue
Chapter president profile: CWTU's Bob Haase a tireless advocate for all things fish
How to disinfect fishing waders
      WI fish species susceptible to VHS (list)
STU's Bob Zimmerman passes
Driftless area symposium planned for Oct. 5 in Iowa
State Council to meet Sept. 29
Reflections on the 30th anniversary of Wisconsin's trout stamp
Where has Lake Superior's water gone?
WITU Looking Back
Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Members (list)
2007 WDNR Fish Managers (list)
Kiap-TU-Wish gets tough on Rush River trash
Wisconsin Trout book excerpt: Annin asks, who will win the water war? (Not available on this web version)
      Wisconsin's status on the Annex Implementing Agreements
Chapter president profile: Dan Asmus leading an energized SEWTU
Finding big brookies in Wisconsin lakes
Foam overwing gives an elk hair caddis a new twist
Friends get canoe to raffle off

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April 2007 issue - Sunday, April 1, 2007

Some near-term goals for WITU (Chair Bill Heart's column)
Stewardship Fund Fisheries Purchases, 1990-Present (table)
Council honors 10 at annual awards ceremony
      Dennis Vanden Bloomen - Award of Merit
      Lee and Joan Wulff Conservation Award - Peg Lautenschlager
      Blackhawk Chapter - Silver Trout Award
      Bill Pielsticker - Gold Trout Award
      Del Schwaller - Gold Net Award
      Bill Heart - Jeff Carlson Leadership Award
      Scott Toshner - WDNR Professional of the Year Award
      Green Bay Chapter - Certificate of Appreciation
      Cindy Koperski - Certificate of Appreciation
      Rep. Tom Petri - Certificate of Appreciation
      Bill Pielsticker - Aldo Leopold Leadership Award
New Farm Bill may fund trout
stream habitat restoration
TU's NLC bringing grassroots concerns to forefront
Spring Hearings and Conservation Congress to meet one week later this year
Trout-related questions on 2007 Congress ballot
Fisheries/wildlife rule adoption timeline (chart)
Conservation Congress Trout Committee Members (list)
Central WI Chapter recognized for stream monitoring efforts
WI stream access laws summarized in wallet card
Chapter president profile: Jack Way a late comer to trout and TU
Chapter president profile: Dale Lange of Marinette Chapter immersed in outdoors
WITU Looking Back
Ojibleau Chapter field trip Hot rods: a visit to the St. Croix Rod Company
Committee updates CPR flyer
Wisconsin's Blue Hills: state's trout fishing capital?
Meicher Turkey Fed's instructor of the year
Surveyor an easy steelhead and salmon fly
Big turnout for Conservation Lobby Day
2007 Friends campaign is off and running

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January 2007 issue - Monday, January 1, 2007

WDNR honors Nohr and Wild Rivers chapters
2006 WDNR Fisheries Award Winners (list)
WITU thanks Cook Creek dewatering case parties
Northeast region chapters address area trout concerns
It's time to chart the course for Wisconsin's environment (member analysis)
Wants TU to do more legislator surveys (letter)
Disappointed by picture of water park (letter)
Conservation Lobby Day Feb. 21
Natural Resources Board nominees to get confirmation vote in January
Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Members (list)
Look who's hitting the ice (Chair Pielsticker's column)
West Fork Sportsman Club appears to be on track
Chapter president profile: Allon Bostwick leading Ocooch Chapter in Richland Co.
Richland Co. Land Conservation Committee honors Ocooch Chapter
Gilbert Creek site of more restoration in 2006
State Council meeting and banquet Feb. 3
Friends, Wild Rivers contribute: TU and LCO tackle habitat project on Grindstone Cr.
Chicago venue added to Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo
CWTU introducing Rawhide boys to trout stream improvement
Learn to be a fly fishing instructor at Feb. banquet
Wisconsin Trout book review and excerpt: Hafele gives entomologist's perspective of nymphing
Selective Feeding (Hafele book excerpt)
Bigger historic brook trout - the coasters
WDNR regs on nymph seining
Pass Lake Emerger a top fly over the years
Bamboo rod building FVTC course offered at Winneconne
Friends program helping trout resources across the state

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October 2006 issue - Sunday, October 1, 2006

Chapters re-chartered at TU annual meeting
Nohr Chapter and Roger Widner honored by TU National
Don't blame the kids (editorial)
Where was Little Plover concern before crisis? (letter)
Questions huge brookies in Clam River (letter)
State Council holds fall meeting in Avalanche
Wisconsin trout and agriculture: Can we get along? (Chair Pielsticker's column)
Wisconsin TU State Council Awards Criteria
Award nominations sought
WITU Looking Back
2006 candidate survey questions
     Candidates asked their positions on water resources questions
     Where WI candidates stand, or sit, on conservation issues
State Council adopts revised organization bylaws
     Bylaws of Wisconsin Council of Trout Unlimited
WDNR surveying anglers about their catch and harvest
'Get the lead out' rack cards now available
2006 Wisconsin council and chapter web sites (list & screen shots)
Council's web site statistics offer surprises
Wisconsin's spring ponds have some big brookies
Double Flash Bunny streamer sports a realistic lateral line
Friends funding stream nutrient study

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2006 July issue - Saturday, July 1, 2006

Hastings new project manager
Governors give TUDARE joint resolution support
TU chapters teach skills at Outdoor Youth Expo
Manure rules, runoff program funding getting TU attention
Thoughts on the public, politics, and policy (Chair Pielsticker's column)
State Council holds spring meeting in Waupaca
Wild Rivers sponsoring Aug. riverfront property conference
Earth Day cleanup for Rush River
State wardens want input in developing strategic plan
Grants available for citizen-based monitoring
WITU Looking Back
Audit of WDNR fish and wildlife programs released
For bigger brookies, try a northern Wisconsin river
Mudsnails latest invasive to threaten trout waters
Meicher's deadliest fly list...revisited eight years later
Tips from TU on preventing the spread of exotic species
Hill succeeds Cantwell as Friends program coordinator

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April 2006 issue - Saturday, April 1, 2006

Should Wisconsin have just one regulation for all trout waters?
We need to keep our current, flexible trout regulations (member analysis)
Volunteers needed for Outdoor Education Expo May 19-20
Of manure, archetypes, and the beckoning hand of God (editorial)
Buffers only part of what WI waters need (letter)
Farm practices more important than buffers (letter)
WBI buffer approach frustrates protection (letter)
Vote to keep trout fishing regs the same (letter)
TU's Bob Selk appointed to livestock siting board
Next council meeting April 29 in Waupaca: ED fund-raising drive tops State Council actions
Why worry about declining angler numbers? (Chair Pielstickers' column)
TU honors eight at Wisconsin Rapids event
     Herb Behnke - TU Resource Award of Merit
     Larry Kriese - Gold Trout Award
     Lakeshore Chapter - Silver Trout Award
     Ocooch Creeks Chapter - Silver Trout Award
     Don Pluemer - Gold Net Award
     Dan Holland - Most Unsung Valuable Trouter Award
     River Alliance of Wisconsin - Reel Partners Award
     Ed Culhane - Conservation Journalist of the Year
Study links stream health to buffer numbers, widths
Thanks John Cantwell for 'Friends' work (letter)
Student program could use fishing mentors (letter)
Trees removed along section of Black Earth Creek
TU members asked to support current trout regs at meetings
     2006 Spring Hearing Locations
     Text of Congress Question 72
Chapter president profile -- Dave Patrick: Blackhawk's LUNKER of a president
New manure handling rules for large farms go to NRB in May
The video that almost wasn't
SEWTU starts chapter web site
Oconto River Chapter placing line recycling bins at launches
Many trout updates in 2006 fishing report
TUDARE program update
Stream restoration training taps pent up demand
New book explores Kickapoo land and waters
"Keep feet wet" rule still in effect despite MI ruling
     More on the MI shoreline case
WITU Looking Back
WDNR engaged in several coldwater research efforts
Hornberg Chapter creating tools of the trade for hands-on stream enhancement
Hornberg stream work in progress
Wisconsin Trout book review and excerpt: New Osthoff book explores giving nymphs movement
     Enhanced strike detection is a part of active nymphing
Black squirrel tail steelhead fly
Friends program begins 2006 campaign

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January 2006 issue - Sunday, January 1, 2006

TU critical of Manure Task Force report
Fly fishing instructor trainees to get free banquet tickets
Lakeshore Chapter honored for Silver Springs project
Buffers would protect state's trout streams (letter)
Streamside buffer types defined
Wisconsin TU Chapter Membership 2003-05 (table)
Renovation of workhorse Wild Rose State Fish Hatchery to begin this summer
     A brief history of the Wild Rose State Fish hatchery
     Deficiencies to be addressed in the hatchery upgrade
     Phase I and II hatchery construction
     Wisconsin fish hatcheries
State Council banquet nets a big fish story (Chair Pielsticker's column)
Nominations sought for DNR's 2006 Brogan awards
Trout stream teaches hands-on lessons
Suggestions to enhance TU's legislative program
January hearings to considernew 'outstanding' waters
Outstanding/exceptional waters defined
Proposed OWR/EWR bodies
Executive Summary: Key Draft Recommendations Manure Management Task Force
Chapter president profile: Ojibleau's Dennis Vanden Bloomen catching them all
New web site helps people identify Wisconsin fish
States reducing Lake Michigan salmon stocking
Wisconsin Trout book excerpt: Babbitt calls for stronger state-federal partnership to improve land use planning
About Bruce Babbitt
WITU Looking Back
Wisconsin Trout book excerpt: A million nodding trilliums
Martini to fill new WDNR river coordinator position
Pass Caddis has black-and-white trout appeal
Council seeking new 'Friends' program chair

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October 2005 issue - Thursday, September 1, 2005

Little Plover River dries up in August
WITU reacts to Plover and other dry-ups
State cites farmer and hauler for Sugar River fish kill
Let's not give up on the Wolf River fishery (letter)
Nominations sought for State Council awards
Recap of legislation affecting coldwater resources
TUDARE enlisting restoration partners
This day's mission was fishing (Chair Pielsticker's column)
TU National meeting recap: TU touts grassroots focus and growing influence
Council meets at Olson Environmental Institute
Draft of Chapter Focus Resolution from NLC
Is TU's position on buffers too weak?
Streamside buffers need flexibility to work
Chapter president profile -- Rich Vetrano: stream stewardship runs in the family
State settles suit for fish kill on Pecatonica and Otter Creek
WITU Looking Back
Technology reveals state has more river miles
Whack-a-Northern Day helps rid White R. of trout predators
Grasshoppers of Wisconsin published by WDNR
Loaner fly rods now available at some parks and DNR offices
Is it an egg fly or a bugger? Either way, salmon like it
Friends campaign sets record

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July 2005 issue - Friday, July 1, 2005

National survey underway: TU chapters evaluating effectiveness with CEI
State files charges against parties for '04 Willow fish kill
Of navigable waters, jobs, and pinnacles of accomplishment (editorial)
We can have strong ag and clean streams (letter)
Revised shoreland rules get hearings this summer
Hearing in Superior Aug. 4: Great Lakes water quality problems receiving attention
Wisconsin TU endorses new manure management task force
State budget a mixed bag for conservation (Chair Bill Pielsticker's column)
WITU's feedback on CEI instrument
State Council meets in Avalanche June 4
WITU Looking Back
STU helps project 'green teen': Students learn as they tackle trout stream restoration
TU chapters join others for Rush River cleanup
Fly Fish Wisconsin Sept. 24
Driftless Area report outlines TU plans for multi-state restoration
Wolf River Chapter honors Neil Sanvidge with rod salute
Wisconsin Trout book excerpt -- Seth Norman: "Missionary positions for tree huggers and stream stewards"
Wolf River trout fishery being studied
      Wisconsin's Wolf River: blue ribbon or marginal trout water?
      Trout questions fly on Wolf
New metal CPR signs available
SEWTU organizes Genesee Creek Dam removal in Waukesha County
Auto seatbelts rev up fly patterns with their uniform nylon tufts
Friends campaign on record pace

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April 2005 issue - Friday, April 1, 2005

DNR seeks prosecutions for recent trout kills
TU members urged to support budget's nonpoint items
Supports stamp and license fee increases (letter)
Proposed WDNR license fee increases (table)
State Council honors eight at Oshkosh luncheon
      Larry Meicher - Resource Award of Merit
      Pete Esser - Jeff Carlson Leadership Award
      Jeff Smith - Gold Trout Award
      Bill Heart - Gold Net Award
      Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter -Silver Trout Award for Chapter Merit
      Allen Stranz - Resource Professional of the Yea
      Sen. Neal Kedzie - Certificate of Appreciation
      Rep. DuWayne Johnsrud - Certificate of Appreciation
Spring brings fishing and fish kills (chair's column)
State's new buffer policy waiting on science
WITU Award Recipients 1984-Present (table)
State Council holds annual meeting
WILD trout - Wisconsin's way of stocking
WITU Looking Back
TUDARE program details kick off Great Waters Expo
Ray Larson awarded FFF Wulff conservation award
Milsestuen attending WITU June 4 meeting
Two deep-running flies for spring fishing
The 'Fladermouse' flies deep into pools for hungry trout
Root River Special gets down fast and can pull a trailing fly
DNR/PIO bills introduced
Stream monitoring workshop April 23
2005 "Friends" program underway

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January 2005 issue - Saturday, January 1, 2005

Council tackling state's problem culverts
Mongolian taimen trout focus of banquet speaker
Appreciates climate change discussion (letter)
DNR Board approves White River Fishery expansion
Monitoring workshop April 23
Group effort prevents fish kill on Green Cty. trout stream
WI Trout Unlimited is at a crossroads (Chair Pielsticker's column)
John Gale to lead membership recruiting session Feb. 5
Stewardship purchases hit 280,000 acres in '04
DNR feedback line 1 year old
State Council holds fall meeting in Plover
Hair samples wanted for blood mercury level study
WITU Looking Back
Beadbelly nymph offers sparkle plus a traditional nymph profile
Jack Dennis headlining Feb. 12 Badger Fly Fishers' Spring Opener
"Friends" grant committee looking for new project requests after record 2004 campaign

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October 2004 issue - Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Wild Rivers Chapter key player in local effort: White River fishery increase planned
Kills may test nonpoint enforcement: Willow, Pecatonica fish kills biggest in memory
Great Lakes water compact hearings now in progress
Commends AG for filing cranberry case (letter)
Suggests benthos study for Black Earth Cr. (letter)
Why landowners get upset with anglers (letter)
Tom Deer of Fox Valley Chapter passes away July 29
Angling for rebates: strategies for recruiting new members
It's nomination time for Council awards
TU, junk science, and typical liberal environmentalism (Chair Pielsticker's column)
State Council meeting preview Michigan Council's Bowman to speak at Oct. 9 meeting
Overgrown tree canopy not only ill on Black Earth Creek
Vetrano honored for recreation efforts on behalf of disabled
Environmental groups offer concerns about Annex draft
Chapter president profile: Mike Barniskis brings new spark to Leopold chapter
National meeting reviews conservation agenda
WITU Looking Back
Groundwater protection report available
Groundwater report excerpt: Future directions for groundwater protection
State's new groundwater protection law summarized
Nohr Chapter the project leader for group restoration effort on Blue River
BUSH vs. KERRY: the conservation perspective
     The Kerry view: John Kerry interview
     The Bush view: Craig Manson interview
Wisconsin Trout environmental report excerpt: LCV grades Bush 'F' on environment
Coaster experts speak in Madison
Wisconsin Trout book excerpt: Meine book explores a variety of conservation topics
Damsel features "perfect" body from nylon packing tie
2004 "Friends" program sets all-time contribution record

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July 2004 issue - Thursday, April 1, 2004

Coaster brook trout update: Surveys and 'engineered log jam' work underway
Welter appointed to NR Board
Jaime Sundsmo succeeds John Koch as Council webmaster
Wisconsin and Pacific Northwest wild salmon (Chair Pielsticker's column)
Writer wonders about Wolf River & ATVs (letter to editor)
Mercury threaten state's fishing heritage (letter to editor)
State Council holds May meeting in Amherst
NWF's Smith visits Council to discuss mercury letter
Seven new themes tackled in planning session
Chapter president profile: Southern Wisconsin's Sue Fey has led a fishing life
"Do you really want all these rocks?" (John Koch)
Governor appoints Duke Welter to NR Board
Fishers wonder whether growing tree canopy is detrimental to Black Earth Creek
WITU Looking Back
Galligan mystery unfolds along Black Earth Creek
Recalling opening day in Crawford County (Jon Christiansen)
Michigan Council's Bowman to speak this Fall
2004 "Friends" program off to a bright, shining start

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April 2004 issue - Thursday, April 1, 2004

Groundwater bill passes Legislature
Planning starts to chart the future of Wisconsin TU
Polar Ice Water abandons well application
TU's Central Region completes Clean Water Act training
Thanks Friends for Blue River grant (letter)
Outraged by bill limiting local ag control (letter)
Polluted runoff 'champions' formed to inform and take action on State Council's nonpoint campaign
TU chapters recap their recent local polluted runoff control achievements
State water policy web site debuts April 15
Deciding the future of Wisconsin TU (Chair Pielsticker's column)
State Council to meet June 5
Council awards honors at Oshkosh event
     Mole Lake Chippewa and Forest County Potawatomi tribes - WITU      Resource Award of Merit
     Dale Druckrey - Joan and Lee Wulff Conservation Award
     Gordy Braun - Gold Net Award
     Wild Rivers Chapter - Silver Trout Award for Chapter Merit
     Jim Hlaban - Unsung Most Valuable Trouter Award
     Dave Fritz - Gold Trout Award
     Jeff Hastings and Jim Radke - Special Appreciation Award for Resource Personnel
     Oakbrook and Elliot Donnely Chapters - Special Appreciation Award
     WOJB Radio - Special Appreciation Award
Adams County now in Frank Hornberg Chapter
WLCV planning series of Earth Day events April 17 and May 1
WI Lakes Convention April 15
Water video available from Clean Wisconsin
Several trout questions on April 12 congress ballot
Water-related legislation heads Council meeting
WITU Looking Back: Old WITU newsletters now on CDs
Chapter president profile: Kids and restoration Tom Deer's focus at Fox Valley
Could this happen in Wisconsin? Navigable waters bill would have 'privatized' streams
Colorado river law could snag fishing guides' customers
Expert's testimony recaps Wis. Public Trust Doctrine
New biography chronicles Gaylord Nelson's career
      Wisconsin Trout book excerpt from The Man From Clear Lake:  The hard detergent battle
Southern Wisconsin's Lowell Gennrich dies
First the Pass Lake...now the "Pass Ant"
The Hornberg Special revisited by readers having success
Great Waters Expo to include strong water stewardship theme
Daniel Burish trout stamp print available
Invertebrate workshop set
New book helps advanced monitors gauge stream health through insects
2004 "Friends" get LED flashlight as a thank-you

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January 2004 issue - Thursday, January 1, 2004

Compromise in the works: TU opposes 'trout destructive' jobs bill
TU chapters file petition to review Polar Ice well permit
State Council banquet features Michael Furtman
Biologist: Jobs Bill is bad for trout streams (letter)
Biggest coldwater threats from legislators (letter)
TU member has 'action plan' for new year (letter)
Connections between groundwater and surface water explored in new video
Jon's 'last cast' (Chair Christiansen's column)
Polluted runoff 'champions' to lead chapters' work
TU Midwest hires Breiby for coaster program
Legislative Committee report: Job Creation Act TU's top concern in recent weeks
Trout Unlimited's role in the legislative process
Atty. General says Jobs Bill may be unconstitutional
Legislative sponsors of bill to hurt state's trout waters
Chapter president profile: Bob Chamberlain ending term as Central president
Public favors protective shoreland zoning rules
Legislative notification system available on the web
WITU Looking Back
A Wisconsin Trout reprint: Aldo Leopold's contribution to fly fishing
WSN conference to honor tribes, explore rollbacks
TU chapter fundraising roundtable set for Feb. 7
Welter, KRLT honored by RAW
"Fly Fish Wisconsin" March 27 in Sheboygan
Conservation buyer program links trout water sellers, buyers
Nohr finds many partners for Iowa County project: Big Spring Creek restoration a team Effort
Pheasant-back grey squirrel a two-toned classic-shaped nymph
Former Chair lands a record
Great Waters Fly Expo April 2-4 in Minneapolis
Cedar strip canoe, bamboo rod raffle to benefit Gilbert Creek
Southern's 20th Ice Breaker features Krumm and Seger
Badger spring opener Jan. 24

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October 2003 issue - Wednesday, October 1, 2003

TU votes funds to challenge Polar water bottler
Coaster brook trout reintroduced into Whittlesey Creek Wildlife Refuge
TU chapters' mining suit against WDNR on hold
Of fishing license increases, real people, Rep. Johnsrud, and gods (editorial)
Nominations sought for State Council awards
Chapter president profile: Chuck Beeler in fourth year as Southeast leader
Stu Grimstad new State Council rep on WSN board
Legislature's nose in the court's business (Chair Jon Christiansen's column)
Central Region supports Little Wolf monitoring
State Council shirts available
Council meeting reviews DNR budget, water bottling
Al Shea, Bill Smith appointed to top WDNR positions
Makes long-term recommendations on policy, sustainability: Waters of Wisconsin report released
      Excerpt 1: Toward a Wisconsin Water Policy
      Excerpt 2: Managing Wisconsin's Water for Sustainability
Web pages celebrate 2003 Year of Water
WITU Looking Back
Ojibleau, others tackle Gilbert Creek -- Much work done and all agree: "it sounds different"
Wild Rivers publishes Our Favorite Flies pattern booklet
Wisconsin water library a source for trout publications
DNR fish stocking information available on the web
      2002 WDNR stocking facts (list)
      Major sport fishes stocked by the DNR (table)
TU involved in talks: Permit process for livestock expansions under review
Surveys show Black Earth Creek recovering from fish kill
Do you have some of these old TU newsletters?
Sheboygan County partnership restoring the Onion River to its former glory
      Terry Kohler's early intervention kickstarted Onion restoration
A users guide to Wisconsin grasshoppers
Thoughts on catch-and-release: Angling's moral dilemma
T-bone terrestrials: Beefy flies for late summer trouting
More grasshopper patterns to whet a trout's appetite
Fly Fish Wisconsin March 26-7
"Friends" Project Locations

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July 2003 issue - Tuesday, July 1, 2003

TU chapters file to sue WDNR over mining rules
New Brule River State Forest plan said to be 'good for trout'
Lunda, WI Central fined for stream damage on rail projects
New shoreland development rules moving forward
      WI shoreline protections in place since '66
State Council holds June 7 meeting in Avalanche
State water quality improving, but state budget cuts will challenge DNR's water programs
Keeping your eye on the ball (Chair Jon Christiansen's column)
Ed Avery's retirement marked the end of an era for WI trout research
New trout researcher Matt Mitro visits State Council
List of WDNR trout-related research reports
New legislation would protect Wisconsin's groundwater
Club, TU seek nominees for Joan and Lee Wulff conservation awards
Gathering Waters conservation award nominations sought
Michigan UP citizens to meet July 26 on possible mine
TU, River Alliance release dam removal recommendations
Aldo Leopold Chapter starts publishing member newsletter
Back in Wisconsin: Steve Born reflects
Special Wisconsin Trout Bois Brule section
      The Bois Brule: the best for good reason (excerpt from "Fly Fisher's Guide to Wisconsin")
      The storied Bois Brule River (excerpt from "Exploring Wisconsin Trout Streams")
      When you visit
Gearin' up: Basic equipment for the beginning fly fisher
Your fly box: Jonathan's take on a basic fly selection
New 'Friends' projects adopted by State Council

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April 2003 issue - Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Polluted runoff training in Oshkosh a success
Proposed well larger than Perrier wanted on the Mecan: TU members react to possible spring water bottling operation at Langlade trout farm
Nash Williams' estate gives TU $100,000
Why we should support a Trout Stamp fee hike (editorial)
Support sought for Onion R. Congress item (letter)
TU asked to support smallmouth question (letter)
Thanks Council for appreciation award (letter)
Some thoughts on WI TU membership and polluted runoff (Chair Jon Christiansen's column)
Council looks to sponsor DU Outdoor Fest booth
Conservation buyer update
Central region elects officers and plans monitoring/stream work
Council bestows honors at annual event
      Dan Flaherty - Joan and Lee Wulff Conservation Award
      Dave Ladd - WITU Resource Award of Merit
      Chuck Steudel - Gold Trout Award
      Jim Bereza - Unsung Most Valuable Trouter
      Bill Pielsticker - Gold Net Award
      Roger Widner - Jeff Carlson Award
      Ojibleau Chapter - Silver Trout Award
      Kris Stepenuck - Special Appreciation Award for DNR Personnel
      Mike Reiter - Certificate of Appreciation
      Peggy Compton - Certificate of Appreciation
New twists at Feb. 1 State Council banquet
2003 WITU banquet sponsors
Council takes many actions at Oshkosh meeting
TU chapter president profile: Herb Buettner a leader for trout and much more
      Herb's sign from an eagle
Gaylord Nelson attending Namekagon paddle
First WI groundwater festival May 10 at UW-SP
Fox Valley holds second Cabin Fever event
Video on the Onion River restoration now available
Wisconsin Trout conservation book excerpt: New Dombeck book traces the past and
future of U.S. public lands management
      Dombeck's recommendations for future land management
DNR studying many factors, but cause still a mystery: Few steelhead returning to Kewaunee River
      Record number of Chinook eggs collected
      History of salmon stocking in WI
Waupaca library hosts TU/FFF trout fishing tribute
2001-02 WI fish and wildlife report now available
      Funds Spent on Fish & Wildlife in Wisconsin (graphic)
'Wild' trout flourishing in WI trout streams
DNR urban fishing clinic dates set
First book by fly tier Royce Dam published
DNR fish managers report on 2003 early trout conditions
WI early trout season open waters and restrictions (list)
Number of licensed hunters and anglers (table)
Stokes book new Friends of WITU gift

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January 2003 issue - Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Council producing polluted runoff kit
DNR Secretary nominee Paul Hassett no stranger to trout
Water authorities Barlow, Glennon top WSN event
TU National reorganizes staff and assignments
Keep pressure on trout stamp allocations (letter to editor)
Council's annual banquet to feature fun, demos, music
State Council registers new web domain
Coulee and Central start new chapter web sites
Reflections on a new year (Chair Christiansen's column)
Matthew Mitro assumes DNR trout researcher position
WDNR fisheries program restructured
Origins of recent fishery fine-tuning
2003 DNR fishery supervisors and their backgrounds (chart)
WSN 2003 statewide priority issues up for membership vote
TU chapters may join the WSN
Woods Creek Dam removal completed
Water Follies book excerpt:  Potato farms may impact trout on the Straight River
Ten things we bet you don't know about water
New polluted runoff provisions now in effect in WI
Polluted runoff rules timeline
WI stream access laws summarized in wallet card
Central Wisconsin's Hornberg fly still drawing praise
How to tie a Hornberg Special
Southern WI Ice Breaker Jan. 18 in McFarland
Pink Squirrel my all-around favorite fly
Borger at Badger Flyfishers' event

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October 2002 issue - Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Perrier abandons Wisconsin permit
Ocooch Creeks welcomed as newest WITU chapter
Waters of Wisconsin forum to guide state water policy
Of crybabies, promises, and the trout stamp (editorial)
Notes reason for returning Gratiot check (letter)
Mine's future shouldn't be political (letter)
Nash Williams dies at 95
Rainbows in Siberia (Chair Christiansen's column)
Chapter financials due Nov. 15
Finally, a win for the resource...and the future
Next up for Clean Water Coalition: high-cap wells
BHP-Billiton lays off staff
State says 'no' to Crandon Mine purchase
Crandon Mine information
Individuals identified to answer questions on mine
Hansen to push groundwater standards despite Nicolet pullout
Welter given TU conservation volunteer award
Nonpoint toolkit being developed for "Sustainable TU" campaign
WITU State Council holds fall meeting in Plover
TU's trout stream 'conservation buyer' program underway
State Council award nominations sought
Scorecard to tell voters how their legislators rate
Discharges into Tomorrow River
Amherst wastewater plant wins national quality award
Chapter president profile: Steve Gausman enters fourth year at Ojibleau helm
Multi-state study released
TU studies U.S. coldwater fishery planning
WDNR Fisheries Personnel
21 deleted, 10 added: WDNR updates list of impaired state waters
Trout, salmon declines forecast in warming study
Wisconsin Record Inland/Outlying Salmon and Trout (table)
Parties meeting on vegetative buffers
Kids get first shots at fishing at Green Bay fishing event
Druckery challenge a spur to WITU endowment fund
Great Lakes system 'action agenda' in development
"Sustainable Waters" Action Agenda Summary
Lake Michigan fisheries plan to guide work for next decade
WDNR Lake Michigan Rainbow/Brown Fin Clips (table)
Midwest coaster brook trout activities continuing
Michigan DNR changes their coaster bag limits
River Alliance conference set

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July 2002 issue - Monday, July 1, 2002

Historic nonpoint runoff agreement reached
Governs road building along waterways: DOT/DNR 'cooperative agreement' being revised
Council investigates creating conservation buyer directory
More counties join CREP program (letter)
DNR/PIO resolutions adopted by WWF (letter)
No trout in Hawaii? Think again, Dan. (letter)
Wisconsin TU local chapter meeting times and locations
2002 Spring WDNR Rules Hearing and Conservation Congress Results
When the Duke met the King (Chair Christiansen's column)
Fox Valley marks 24th annual fishing day for people with disabilities
Our Favorite Activities
TU national proposes internal reorganization plan
WSN offering TU chapters groundwater program, video
TU chapter president profile: Bill Heart builds upon Carlson legacy for Wild Rivers
Road grading video available
DNR Regional Liaisons to the DOT (table)
Life, liberty, and...water?: In the struggle over water, human rights and environmental ethics flow together
Nelson's legacy: fulfill it by sustaining WI waters
"Global Water Commons" resolution
Waters of WI forum Oct 21-22
WI stream access laws summarized in wallet card
Whirling disease article online
Try gunny sack nymph for small stones
How to request Friends funding

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April 2002 issue - Monday, April 1, 2002

Meyer receives Council's Wulff leadership award
Runoff rules returned to NRB for buffer and wetland work
Trout regulations revamp on Spring Hearing ballot
Secretary thanks TU for nonpoint stand (letter)
Coaster hearing questions need support (letter)
Calls for DNR and PIO support at hearings (letter)
Urges TU to make voices heard at hearings (letter)
Likes values behind WITU's initiatives (letter)
Water group appreciative of donation (letter)
Anglers react to Johnsrud changes to stream access
'Showing up' opening day in the snow (Chair Christiansen's column)
Wisconsin Trout interview: WDNR Secretary Darrell Bazzell discusses the state budget, pollution enforcement, and other issues
Annual State Council awards:
     George Meyer - Lee & Joan Wulff Award
     Elward Engle - Award of Merit
     Stu Grimstad - Gold Trout Award
     Coulee Region Chapter - Silver Trout Award
     John Bethke - Silver Trout Award
     Gary Stoychoff - Gold Net Award
     Wisconsin Public Radio - Certificate of Appreciation
     Larry Kriese - Certificate of Appreciation
     Scott Watson - Certificate of Appreciation
     Steve Galoff - Certificate of Appreciation
     John Sours - Certificate of Appreciation
    Former Council chair Ron Ahner dies
Central region considers Lakeshore Chapter switch
Brown County Conservation Alliance heads campaign to introduce Intervenor resolutions
Summary of Fiscal Year 2003 Budget Actions Affecting the WDNR
Nonpoint training session draws many chapter reps
Eight chapters help buy Maxwell Springs
Green Bay TU starts web site
Nohr school program awards water grants
Banquet committee lists donors, volunteers, and helpers
State Council banquet organizers thank supporters
Self-sustaining population spawns in Emmons creek: Migratory browns carving niche in Waupaca lakes
Newsletter back issues sought for CD: Scanning project preserving WITU history
TU members help organize Appleton mining legislation meeting
WDNR 2002 Fish Managers (table)
Careless culverts harmful to streams
     You can spot problem culverts
     Resources for good culvert placement
254 miles of new trout water added: DNR updates state's official trout waters
Riness offers 'top 10 tips' for beginning fly fishers
Varied patterns help you catch spring steelhead
Friends program will hit $100,000 mark soon

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January 2002 issue - Tuesday, January 1, 2002

Nonpoint training part of Feb. meeting
Protection for Wolf River if Crandon Mine proceeds: Cyanide ban, 'no special treatment' bills pass Senate
Forum on mining billsJan. 14
'Dark period' perfect for fly tying and friends (Chair Christiansen's column)
Council awards banquet Feb. 2 in Oshkosh
Encourages support of recent mining bills (letter)
Chapter president profile: Bill Pielsticker blending art and politics for chapter
Northwoods youth fly fishing conclave marks 8th year
Goals of nonpoint program to build stronger chapters
TU National convention date set
DNR offers final report on Black Earth fish kill
Wisconsin hunting and fishing licenses now available online
Our favorite activities
Fox Valley adopts TU's 'first cast' program
CORRECTION: Wendelburg sole author of book
Great Lakes Flyfishing Show Jan. 5 in Illinois
Trailers keeping stream efforts organized
Wetland agreement to speed restoration projects
Trout regulation changes on agenda at Spring Hearings
Southern Chapter's Ice Breaker features Whitlock, Osthoff
Kiap-TU-Wish teams up with area partners: Once-prime Eau Galle has bright future for trout
Reducing warm water input the key
WSN conference features gubernatorial candidates
Winter has author spring creek dreaming: Fishing is great on southwest Wisconsin's creeks
Coon Creek study targets groundwater recharge
Coon Creek rich in hydrologic history
Pennsylvania site of biodiversity conference
Federal grants available for restoration projects

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October 2001 issue - Monday, October 1, 2001


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July 2001 isue - Sunday, July 1, 2001


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April 2001 issue - Sunday, April 1, 2001


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January 2001 issue - Monday, January 1, 2001


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October 2000 issue - Sunday, October 1, 2000


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July 2000 issue - Saturday, July 1, 2000


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April 2000 issue - Saturday, April 1, 2000


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January 2000 issue - Saturday, January 1, 2000


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October 1999 issue - Friday, October 1, 1999


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July 1999 issue - Thursday, July 1, 1999


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